typescript decorator

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In TypeScript, a decorator is a function that takes in a target object (such as a class, method, or property) and returns a new object with the same structure, but possibly enhanced with additional features. Decorators are a language feature that allows you to annotate and modify classes and class members at design time.

@ represent decorator @test

method decorator

function auth(){
    return function (target: any, key: any, descriptor: PropertyDescriptor){
        let fn = descriptor.value
        let isAuth: boolean = false
        if (isAuth){
            descriptor.value = (...args: any) => {
                let f = fn(...args)
                return f
        } else {
            descriptor.value = () => {
                return "login required"

class User{
    profile(name: string){
        return("profile: " + name)

let user: any = new User()


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