key code

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key code


  • Down happens first
  • Press happens second (when text is entered)
  • Up happens last (when text input is complete).
window.addEventListener("keyup", log);
window.addEventListener("keypress", log);
window.addEventListener("keydown", log);

function log(event){
  console.log( event.type );

keyup with delay

// Get the input box
var textInput = document.getElementById('test-input');

// Init a timeout variable to be used below
var timeout = null;

// Listen for keystroke events
textInput.onkeyup = function (e) {

    // Clear the timeout if it has already been set.
    // This will prevent the previous task from executing
    // if it has been less than <MILLISECONDS>

    // Make a new timeout set to go off in 800ms
    timeout = setTimeout(function () {
        console.log('Input Value:', textInput.value);
    }, 500);