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var serverIO = require('')(9000);

serverIO.on('connection', (socket) => {
  // fetch
  socket.on('message', (response) => {
   // sent
   socket.emit('post', {
     title: 'data server to cilent',
     like: 100
  socket.on('disconnect', () => { });


var socket = io('http://localhost:9000');
socket.on('connect', () => {
  //  sent
    id: 1,
    name: ''
  // fetch
  socket.on('post', (response) => {

emit cheetsheat



// sending to sender-client only
socket.emit('message', "this is a test");

// sending to all clients, include sender
io.emit('message', "this is a test");

// sending to all clients except sender
socket.broadcast.emit('message', "this is a test");

// sending to all clients in 'game' room(channel) except sender'game').emit('message', 'nice game');

// sending to all clients in 'game' room(channel), include sender'game').emit('message', 'cool game');

// sending to sender client, only if they are in 'game' room(channel)'game').emit('message', 'enjoy the game');

// sending to all clients in namespace 'myNamespace', include sender
io.of('myNamespace').emit('message', 'gg');

// sending to individual socketid (server-side)'message', 'for your eyes only');

// join to subscribe the socket to a given channel (server-side):
socket.join('some room');

// then simply use to or in (they are the same) when broadcasting or emitting (server-side)'some room').emit('some event'):

// leave to unsubscribe the socket to a given channel (server-side)
socket.leave('some room');

client others

var socket = io.connect("https://localhost:8082", {
                query:                          'key=nokey',
                'reconnection limit':           10000,
                'max reconnection attempts':    Infinity,
                reconnection:                false,
                upgrade:                        false,
                rememberUpgrade:       true,
                transports:                     ['websocket']
socket .on('connect', function () {
      socket.emit('name', 'vis.0');
      socket.emit('authenticate',  function () {});


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